Architect / Artist

A leisure house, on outskirts of Ahmedabad created under the aegis of Architect Dilip Soni and Kinny Soni, generates the ambience of indulgence marooned in the lap of Nature as a surreal sanctuary ensconced in the greenery around. Envisaged as a weekend getaway, it comprises of recreational spaces like the swimming pool, bar, gymnasium and home theatre in addition to the formal spaces such as drawing room, kitchen, dining, pooja room and bedrooms. The heart of the house, the semi-covered ‘verandah’, serves as the connecting link between the left wing, housing the private zone, and the right wing, accommodating the public domain. In absence of conventional entrance, the interiors can be accessed from the open garden through semi-covered passage. The open and fluid layout of spaces not only gestures leisurely transition while ensuring privacy but also allows visual connectivity throughout the house from every corner. The huge clear glass partitions visually merge the air-conditioned interiors with the lush green exteriors. Avoiding any strong feeling of the transition, both the inside and outside spaces are done in similar material palette primarily composed of natural stone and wood. The décor is of an evergreen appeal where the contemporary weds the classical. The pastel tones accentuate the framed panoramic views. Conceived as air-conditioned verandahs, the bedrooms breathe freshness of surrounding gardens. Reflecting the dweller’s individuality, the master bedroom is classical; the son’s bedroom is vernal and the guest bedroom is formal. The quirky bar stands out with its vibrant furniture decked against the Royal Blue wall with intricate mural.

Text: Kruti Choksi Kothari