Architect / Artist

Designed by Kinny Soni & Ujjval Panchal
During one of our travels, houses built with stone and lime in western Rajasthan, India inspired us. "The Old house" gave us an opportunity to explore some of the low cost local materials such as pigmented lime plaster, pigmented cement floor, china mosaic, etc. to transform an old abandoned house to an elegant luxurious weekend house.
This site is surrounded by dense trees, which allowed the house to be more transparent. By using full size windows, glass and continuous floors we were able to blur inside and outside boundaries.
The house accommodates a small entrance, living & dining area, two sleeping areas, an internal courtyard, pantry and a small pool in the backyard.
The house has a linear plan enclosed by a central courtyard. High walled internal courtyard offers open living space with privacy, light, ventilation and security. Decorated with colorful china mosaic, inspired by Joan Miro's painting, this internal courtyard adds a delightful experience all the spaces.
Beautiful arches, curved wall and floor corners, niches, small openings, continues spaces with out doors give experience of large yet cozy house.

Illustration of "The Old House" - by Kinny Soni
In this illustration she has narrated her own story of "The Old House"
It explains, two owls living in dense trees around the old house for many years are observing a new skyline of the house on a full moon night. There is some light coming through beautiful small windows, which shows a presence of some one in it. Dog of the family is keeping a watch and a black cat- who is daily visitor in the courtyard coloured in blue.